Can I restart a thread in Python?


Have you ever got something like: 

File “”, line 410, in start

    assert not self.__started, “thread already started”

AssertionError: thread already started
It means that Python is complaining because you are trying to call the start() method on a thread more than once. This is not possible, so each time you want a thread object to start, you have to recreate the object. 
From the Python documentation:
Start the thread’s activity.
This must be called at most once per thread object. It arranges for the object’s run() method to be invoked in a separate thread of control. 

4 Responses to “Can I restart a thread in Python?”

  1. Dragon Read Says:

    If you derive a class from threading.Thread you can add a Thread.__init__(self) at the end of your run method and you’ll be able to call start again and it’ll automatically reinitialize itself when it’s done.

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