pthreads – Some useful links and solution for maximum thread number


Manual Reference Pages (including a list of functions that are not thread-safe)

Tutorial on pthreads

And if you wonder why you cannot create more than X threads on your system (for me this was always 382), this forum provides a solution.

Basically, the problem is that each thread created will occupy space for its stack. On my system, the default thread stack size is 8MB. Therefore, after 382, I simply run out of space.

Solution: Change the stack size to a smaller value, unless you really need 8MB.

pthread_attr_t tattr;
size_t size;
pthread_attr_setstacksize(&tattr, size);

Another interesting page on pthreads is this.


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6 Responses to “pthreads – Some useful links and solution for maximum thread number”

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