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Using the GPIO on a tmote to make a LED blink

January 17, 2008

I know this might sound pretty silly, but since I couldn’t find anywhere else how to do it, and I had to spend quite a lot of time figuring it out myself, I decided to post it. So, if you need to interface a brighter LED on a tmote sky (or whatever needs a digital input), connect the ground of the LED to pin 9 of the 10-pin expansion header of the tmote, and the other cable to pin 3 of the 6-pin expansion header (which is GPIO port 2, refer to the tmote datasheet for more info). After that, you need to write a proper “driver” to set pin 2.3 of the msp430 (tmote’s CPU) to 1 or 0. You can use the following macros:


#define P23_OUT() P2DIR |= BV(3)
#define P23_IN() P2DIR &= ~BV(3)
#define P23_SEL() P2SEL &= ~BV(3)
#define P23_IS_1  (P2OUT & BV(3))
#define P23_WAIT_FOR_1() do{}while (!P23_IS_1)
#define P23_IS_0  (P2OUT & ~BV(3))
#define P23_WAIT_FOR_0() do{}while (!P23_IS_0)
#define P23_1() P2OUT |= BV(3)
#define P23_0() P2OUT &= ~BV(3)

For example, to make the led blink at intervals of 1 sec (this is contiki code, but apart from the timer it’s standard C):



	etimer_set(&mytimer, CLOCK_SECOND);
		printf("Changing 1\n");
		printf("It's one\n");
		printf("Changing 0\n");
		printf("It's zero\n");