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Add the bibliography in the Table of Contents

October 5, 2008

From here:

You have to manually add the “Bibliography” entry into the table of contents. In order to do so, put the following just before the \bibliography entry


if you use the book or report document class, or


if you use the article document class.

In combination with the “Hyperref”-Package you need to put the line below the \bibliography entry.

Page layout in LaTeX

May 20, 2008

This might be useful.

Citations within a caption in Latex

April 28, 2008

Citations within a caption of a table or figure can produce errors. You will need to use the “\protect” statement.

\caption{The top line shows the result by Einstein et al \protect\cite{einstein}}.

Latex Tables Tutorial

December 10, 2007

Latex tables can be a bit annoying. This tutorial provides a good overview.

latex (pdflatex) include png jpg … images

November 29, 2007

I always forget the package name to include, so here it is


Once included, the package provides the following term

\includegraphics[key_1 = . . . , key_2 = . . . ,  key_n=....]{filename}

Options (keys) include:

• scale = number — a magnification factor
• width = length — the width to which the figure should be scaled
• height = length — the height to which the figure should be scaled2
• totalheight = length — height plus depth of figure (to be used if figure  is rotated)
• keepaspectratio = true/false — maintains the height/width ratio
• angle = number — angle (in degrees) by which the figure is to be rotated  counter clockwise
• origin = location3 — the point about which rotation is to occur
• draft = true/false — prevents figure from being imported, but created   a named box with the dimensions of the figure (this option is used to speed  up processing)
• clip = true/false — excludes whatever is outside the bounding box
• bb = llx lly urx ury — enters the bounding box coordinates, which are   given by default in points (1/72 inch), manually (the bounding box might  be missing or you might want to alter it)
• viewport = llx lly urx ury — specifies bounding box w.r.t. bottom left of existing bounding box; used with clip to select a part of the image (or to  clear unwanted margins).
• trim = dllx dlly durx dury — reduces the bounding box by the amount  specified
• hiresbb = true/false — reads the bounding box information from the  line %%HiResBoundingBox in figure file

Detailed spec is here or a quickie can be found here