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Ralink RT61 Wireless PCI and Kubuntu

December 30, 2007

It has always been a pain in the ass to get the wireless card with a Ralink RT61 chipset to work with Linux. Here’s how it worked for me.

  1. Edit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
    and add
    “blacklist rt61pci”
    “blacklist rt2x00pci”
    “blacklist rt2x00lib”
  2. Download and install ndiswrapper
  3. Download the Windows driver (you need the rt61.inf)
  4. “ndiswrapper -i rt61.inf”
  5. “ndiswrapper -l” checks the status
  6. “modprobe ndiswrapper”
  7. Configure your interface in /etc/network/interface
  8. If you want to start ndiswrapper at boot time add “ndiswrapper” in a line to /etc/modules

That’s it.